Airborne Raptors Unlimited is dedicated to promote awareness, protection and appreciation of raptors and their environment through unique educational experiences with live animal ambassadors.

Airborne Raptor Videos

Pictures are provided by Mike Neubauer and Gordie Saiger.

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Airborne Raptors Unlimited is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and is licensed in bird of prey propagation (breeding), education and raptor abatement

Airborne Raptors’ team dedicates their lives to raptors and cares for the largest raptor propagation program in Southern Nevada. Airborne Raptors chicks are expertly trained and raised. Many birds call Airborne Raptors’ facility their permanent home while others are raised to work as animal ambassadors for zoos, abatement professionals and falconers across the country.

Airborne Raptors staff and birds have been doing highly entertaining educational free flight shows for over a decade. After three years of shows in Las Vegas, Nevada, our seasonal show, “Wings Over the Springs”grew to be one of the largest free flight raptor shows in the U.S. As well as bird shows, ARU provides a variety of exciting educational raptor experiences for all, ranging from corperate America to Americas’ classrooms.

Airborne Raptors specializes in anything and everything having to do with birds of prey. Our commercial abatement birds make up one of the largest raptor abatement teams in the country. With over thirty years of raptor abatement experience we are one of the top competitors, whom also delivers results to your pest problem.